Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – Please Read!

1. Your organization shall follow all requests of our event staff or LynnArts representative and all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations.

2. LynnArts extends a one hour set up courtesy. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

3. When renting the Gallery, artwork is not to be moved or touched by lessee or by event participants. Lessee assumes liability for artwork during the use of the room, which is not to be left unattended and unlocked at any time.

4. LynnArts tables and chairs are available for use at no cost. Please establish a number of these items required prior to your event. Lessee is responsible for transport, set-up, and return to storage of these items when used.

5. Under no circumstance can tape of any kind be used on our walls or floors of theater. Small push pins are allowed in theater. No confetti.  When renting the gallery, no decorations of any kind are allowed on the walls. All posters, signs, banners, balloons, decorations and personal items are to be removed from the space at the conclusion of your event. Please remember that LynnArts is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

6. Building/room access is determined on a case by case basis. LynnArts reserves the right to refuse space rental to any group that has caused continuous damage, grief or both to our staff and our building. Please be advised that this organization is here for the community and appreciates every effort to maintain our building the way it should be treated.  LynnArts also reserves the right to require your group to hire a police detail for the duration of your event if we feel it is necessary for the safety of our staff and facilities.

7. No event shall end later than 12:00 AM. Lessee will be charged the hourly rate per hour for every hour or fraction thereof that guests remain after the contracted closing time.

8. No group is to be on LynnArts property after 1:00 AM. All events are urged to the last half-hour to advise group it is time to exit, transport all equipment out of building, and make sure the space is left clean. 

9. Fire codes do not allow any equipment to be stacked or stored in our main or rear hallways blocking exits and stairways during the duration of the event.

10. Lessee and members of their group are not allowed in the following areas of the building: LynnArts office, artist occupied studios, rear stairwell, and the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Lessee assumes all responsibility for any member of their group who disregards these requests. This includes the elevator; our passenger elevator is to be used for handicap/lower level accessibility and transportation of event-goods only. (Elevator capacity is 2500 lbs).

11. Children are not to be left unattended. There is no food or drink in the carpeted hallways.  Please respect our space and accompany all youth during your scheduled event. 

12. Smoking is not allowed inside the LynnArts building. Absolutely no fireplaces or candles, inside or out. (Sternos are allowed and must be monitored). There is a cigarette tower in the building’s rear.



A.  A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking of the event.  Please be aware that space is held tentatively until a deposit is received. LynnArts accepts Visa or MasterCard ($5 service fee), cash, money-order, personal or business checks.  If a check is returned by the bank Lessee will be responsible for all associated fees.  Remaining balance should be paid 7 business days before the event takes place. 

B. Lessee hosting an event of 30 or more people is required to give a non-refundable $100 cleaning fee. This fee is mandatory for groups of this size. Any group with less than 30 people is required to give a $50 refundable cleaning deposit.  This $50 deposit will be returned if all post event cleaning guidelines have been met. If not met, you may not receive your deposit back.

C. In the event of cancellation LynnArts requires that you notify our organization one week in advance for a full return of your deposit.


A. Any damage caused to our LynnArts building inside or outside, equipment borrowed, or to our general facilities will result in an assessment of damages. Lessee and/or organization will be charged accordingly. This includes continued neglect on the Lessee’s part to simply clean up after event. LynnArts asks that the Lessee respect our space and maintain the building in a decent manner. 


A. Exchange Street and Spring Street offer 2 hour on street parking. Central Square has 1 hour parking in most areas. Only lessee requiring direct building access may park in the LynnArts lot behind the building in one of the three (3) unmarked parking spaces on the left side.

B. Neither Lessee nor any member of their event is allowed to park in the two (2) LynnArts or two (2) WFNX spaces. There is no parking allowed in the two adjacent Spring Street lots. LynnArts is not responsible for vehicles towed.  Vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

C. Building is handicapped accessible from the rear. Lower level door must be opened for you, and use the elevator up to the first floor.


A. Caterers must be approved by LynnArts and provide our organization with a copy of their liability insurance that LynnArts may keep on file in addition to a Catering Contract signed by both caterer and LynnArts.  Ask us for a list of local caterers.

B. Please manage your rental time wisely, keeping in mind the start and end time to include your caterer’s delivery time, set-up, and break down necessities.  LynnArts is not responsible for items left by caterer and would prefer all items removed same night as event. 

C. Caterers and/or lessee must remove ALL food and beverage trash to the LynnArts dumpster located in the back parking lot. Event staff has a key to the dumpster, please ask for assistance. No trash is to be left outside OR in hallway trash barrels. Lessee is responsible for complete food clean up when event is self-catered, including floors and trash.


A. It is allowed to rent equipment, tables and chairs from an outside company. It is the lessee’s responsibility to arrange drop off of equipment during regular office hours only. LynnArts is a community-based organization with daily scheduled building use and limited storage space for outside equipment. Please arrange accordingly.

B. LynnArts is not held responsible for outside equipment left behind for weekend drop off and pick up schedules of other companies.


A. Cash bars are only allowed with proof of a one-day liquor license, which can be obtained from City Hall.

B. The serving of alcohol must cease one half hour prior to the end of the event. Lessee is required to provide LynnArts with proof of liability insurance for events in which alcohol will be sold.

C. Police coverage must be provided for any event which is characterized by the following condition:

  • Will end later than 10:00PM and more than 100 guests have been invited and alcohol is served/sold.


A. Lessee is responsible for the clean up at the end of an event and will be held accountable for any disregard of this important clause. Please see “DAMAGES” on previous page.  

  • All personal belongings are to be removed.
  • All signage/decorations are to be removed.
  • All food/beverage produced trash is to be discarded in the outside dumpster. No trash is to be left inside or outside LynnArts-NO exceptions.
  • Chairs and tables used by lessee must be put back to the designated storage areas.
  • LynnArts is not responsible for items left behind.

B. Event staff is here to assist with clean up. Event staff is NOT entirely responsible for the breakdown of your event. LynnArts is glad to provide a broom for excess mess during event hours; extra trash bags and barrels, which can be obtained by asking your event staff person.

C. A facility check will be given to help us maintain our clean space. 

Frequently Asked Question: If I’m responsible for clean up, why am I paying a $100 cleaning fee?
In the case that your event is 30+ people and you have given a $100 cleaning fee, cleaning staff is hired to do all of the following: mop both event floor(s) and bathrooms, all mirrors and windows, restock bathroom items, carpet cleaning, vacuuming and any additional cleaning needs. These tasks further require man hours and cleaning materials, which both are made possible from your cleaning fee and the end result is a beautiful, well maintained LynnArts building for all of the community to be able to use.


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