About us

Clay Ventre and the Bond Girls at Mixed Media Opening

Lynn Arts Inc is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural activity in the city of Lynn, as well as to encouraging community interest and involvement in the arts in the Greater Boston area. It is the firm belief of this organization that the arts enhance the quality of life and the economic vitality for both residents and businesses of a city.

Since its inception, LynnArts has been at the center of downtown redevelopment. Having successfully completed the renovation of the old Bank Building in Central Square, the organization has offered services ranging from providing artists with studio space, to providing art classes free of charge to school-aged children, to planning city wide arts and culture festivals.

LynnArts headquarters, galleries and studio paces are located at 25 Exchange Street and serve as the centerpiece of the city’s Arts & Culture District. Our historic building also houses the Neal Rantoul Black-Box theatre, WFNX Radio and meeting and classroom facilities available to the community for rental.

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